Tess Stimson

The Wife Who Ran Away – Tess Stimson

Title – The Wife Who Ran Away

Author – Tess Stimson

Published – 2012

Genre – Contemporary fiction

Another short review – and another book courtesy of Pan Macmillan. If I were to run away (which is pretty unlikely) then Italy is where I would head for – so I was drawn to the premise of this book.

With a husband who doesn’t seem to notice her, a teenage daughter who is becoming unruly, a demanding mother and problems at work, Kate makes a snap decision to escape it all. She gets into a taxi in her lunch hour, goes to the airport and the next thing she knows she’s knocking on the door of an old friend in Italy.

Although this all seems very spontaneous, there is some background to her escape which, as Stimson slowly lets the reader discover, may explain the out of character behaviour.

The story is told from multiple perspectives – Kate, her husband, step-son, daughter and mother. As she doesn’t tell anyone that she’s leaving, it’s interesting to see how they each deal with her disappearance, and indeed how long it takes them to notice that she’s gone. It also shows the contrast between how she thinks the various members of her family will feel, and what they really make of the situation. The one jarring aspect for me, though, was the difference between what her husband thought about the situation and what he said & did about it – but perhaps that’s what men are like!

Although she arrives in Italy with no intention of doing anything other than turning round and going home, she somehow finds herself with a job and a flat. All in just a few weeks!

I have to say this was a bit on the raunchy side for me. There’s nothing like trying to read on the train & praying that the man next to you can’t see any of the words on the pages you’re reading!

I found the story pretty slow going, although when an incident at home threatened to force Kate into making a decision I felt the story picked up the pace.

Score – 3/5