Q 8 “What would be your super-power of choice?”

This feature is a series of questions and answers but with a difference, each month I’ll be publishing the answers from lots of authors to just one question. The questions are mainly book, writing or publishing related but they are meant to be fun!

For a light-hearted end to the year we have “What would be your super-power of choice?”

Cath Staincliffe: Flying.

Phoebe Locke: Being able to apparate, a la Harry Potter. Timekeeping is not my strong point and if I had a pound for every time I’ve been running late for an appointment, wishing I could magically zap myself there…

Hanna Jameson: Being realistic, I’d have to go with mind control. There’s nothing else worth having compared to that. If it was just for fun, I’d take super strength, or I’d take an assortment of the vaguely defined superpowers of the MCU, which often gives everyone a bit of everything.

David Jackson: Flight. I often think that birds don’t know how lucky they are. That, or the ability to suck my hair back in when it gets too long.

Chris WhitakerPretty sure I already have one as previous girlfriends’ have told me I’m faster than a speeding bullet.

Elizabeth Haynes: Time travel, I think, as long as it was safe!

Lilja Sigurðardóttir: Understanding my dog. I mean I do have a good feel of what he means most of the time, but I would really like to have a conversation with him. About important things, like the meaning of life and his puppy memories.

Steven Dunne: Flight would be nice.

Barbara Nadel: To be invisible. All writers listen in to conversations but it would be nice not to be seen.

Derek Farrell: I already have a super power: I make worlds and people out of nothing and bring pleasure to people I’ve never even met. I’ll have more of that, please and thankyew.

Quentin Bates: To be able to pick up and be fluent in different languages without having to put in all the hours of practice and study. So a Babel fish…

Fergus McNeill: The ability to heal anyone of anything.

William Shaw: The ability to invisibly sneak into bookshops and turn all my book covers face-out.

Rachel Amphlett: Invisibility.

Mark Edwards: The power to rewind time and try again.

Nick Quantrill: Being nosey is a requirement for being a writer, so invisibility would be great. I’d love to be a fly on the wall.

Sarah Ward: I want to fly and I occasionally dream about being able to do so.

V M Giambanco: Immaculate punctuation.

Simon Booker: Does ‘rich as Croesus’ count?

Susi Holliday: Teleportation.

Anna Mazzola: The power to predict which kind of novel is going to be unbelievably successful next year, and then the power to write it.