What She Saw Last Night – M J Cross

Title – What She Saw Last Night

Author -M J Cross

Published – April 2019

Genre – Crime fiction

You may know Mason Cross for his Carter Blake series – fast-paced, US-set thrillers, but writing as M J Cross ‘What She Saw Last Night’ moves closer to home, opening on The Caledonian Sleeper, the action moves between the Highlands and London.

Jenny Bowen boards the sleeper in a hurry and as she heads for her ‘cabin’ she has a chance encounter with a woman and a young girl. When she wakes the next day the woman is dead and there is no trace of the girl. The police investigation is perfunctory and Jenny’s concerns for the girl are dismissed as ‘fantasy’.

Jenny is at a bit of a crossroads in her life – she’s in the midst of a divorce and is returning to her family home after the death of her father. While the emotional turmoil could have caused an overactive imagination, in fact her concern for the girl gives her some purpose and direction. She starts her own ‘investigation’, trying to find a missing girl to match the one she saw – and in doing so she opens a whole, violent, can of worms.

The book is what I would describe as a ‘police thriller’ – while there is an official police involvement in the mystery the plot is more about a ‘race against time’ feeling to find the missing girl than finding a solution to the woman’s murder. There are some fast-paced action scenes – both through the hubbub of London (hard to picture at the moment) and a more remote setting in Scotland.

I quite liked the main characters but if I have any quibbles it’s that Jenny doesn’t seem to suffer much emotional impact from some of the more challenging events and for a software developer she picks herself up pretty quickly from some physical encounters.

Many thanks to the publisher for the NetGalley.


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