Day: August 8, 2018

The Wrath of Angels – John Connolly

Title – The Wrath of Angels

Author – John Connolly

Published – 2012

Genre – Crime fiction

When I recently read and reviewed no. 10 in the Charlie Parker series I remarked on how I’d not particularly enjoyed the previous book in the series which had deterred me from reading more. Sadly The Wrath of Angels reminded me what had put me off.

Charlie Parker is told a story about the discovery of the wreckage of a small plane hidden deep in the woods in Maine, not just hidden but appearing as if it’s being absorbed by the forest around it. Two men stumbled across the sinister wreckage – no sign of bodies but some money and a list of names. Despite the sinister nature of their discovery they made off with both the money and the list but as in good story telling traditions ‘no good came of it’. Parker begins to investigate the names on the list and discovers a series of premature deaths which sets him off on a course that will ultimately lead to him trying to find the plane.

Parker isn’t the only one in search of the plane and the list and this brings in characters who have appeared in previous books, including the hideous Brightwell. The story is a mix of chase and quest as Parker tracks down a number of people, rivals, who have appeared earlier in the series to…  Do you know what, I can’t think why he wanted to track them down – there was lots of to and fro between different factions that just felt like filler.

The book has a much more supernatural component than its predecessor and it felt more gruesome. It did offer a lot of tension, atmosphere and great writing, but it didn’t grip me. Perhaps there were too many characters, too much dashing about and switching of points of view to hold my interest. It was also a test of memory, it would have been be drawing on books I’d read seven or eight years ago – that’s a lot of other reading I’ve done since.

Not my favourite in the Charlie Parker series.