The Fear Within – J S Law

Title – The Fear Within

Author – J S Law

Published – November 2017

Genre – Crime fiction

This is the follow up book to Tenacity (now called The Dark Beneath) by J. S. Law. So there are two burning questions – did James suffer from ‘Difficult Second Book Syndrome’ and is Dani (Dan in Tenacity) Lewis still the kick-ass maverick that she was in the first book?? I’m pleased to say that the answer to the first certainly appears to be ‘no’ and I’m not left in any doubt that the answer to the latter is a resounding ‘yes’.

The book is set a few months after the end of Tenacity/The Dark Beneath and Dani has not long returned to active duty. After an action packed opening the main plot is Dani’s investigation into the disappearance of Natasha, a young woman who has gone missing from HMS Defiance. It quickly becomes clear that what could be someone who has just not turned up for work is actually something more sinister. As the investigation moves forward the timeframe shifts between Dani’s timeline and the months leading up to Natasha’s disappearance and her experience on the ship. Although the destroyer is less claustrophobic than the submarine in the first book, the confines of a warship present their own issues for the crew and especially for a young woman fresh out of training. An advantage in the shift of the main location is that Dani gets to work more closely with her colleagues which gives more insight into her character.

This seems more complex than the first book with multiple threads that intertwine. It links back to its predecessor because Dani is still determined that there was more to the case she solved and this provides a longer story arc that could potentially carry on over more of a series.  There’s a lot of reliance on coincidence, on people knowing each other, which in another setting might push the credibility, but with a naval one it’s difficult for an outsider to doubt its authenticity.

With its unusual setting the author has the opportunity to give readers something a little different to the run of the mill police procedural and he certainly grabs that opportunity with both hands. This is at the thriller end of police procedurals and at the gorier end too, there are no punches pulled here. As with the first book the author is hard on his heroes and even harder on the villains and victims. You need a strong stomach for some of the scenes and while in the first book there could have been criticism of his treatment of women, the men seem to suffer equally here. Dani, with her sense of justice and relentless determination to seek it at all costs goes some way to counterbalance the bleakness.

The Fear Within will make sense if you read it without having read the first book but it would make a whole lot ore sense to read the series in order.

Many thank to the publisher for the review copy, you can see another point of view on Kate’s blog.


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