Hidden Bodies – Caroline Kepnes

Title – Hidden Bodies51pgbojyk2l

Author – Caroline Kepnes

Published – 2016

Genre – Psychological thriller

This is the sequel to You by Caroline Kepnes – a book that I couldn’t stop raving about. I was thrilled to hear that we hadn’t seen the last of Joe and I was very much looking forward to Hidden Bodies.

So the question is – did it deliver? Sadly the answer is that I don’t think it did. In Hidden Bodies Joe has met a new woman and is putting the past behind him – except for one little issue that he left behind in a wardrobe. But when the tables are turned on him he heads for Los Angeles with plans to exact his revenge. Along the way he loses his purpose and becomes involved with a fantastically rich film-making pair of twins. Kepnes stretches the reader’s credulity with his exploits in the film world, nevertheless the bodies continue to pile up.

This lacked the intensity of its predecessor as well as much of the tension. I also didn’t find Joe’s behaviour consistent with the character I remembered from You. It’s obviously not inconceivable that his experiences have changed him but I don’t believe that’s the case, Joe was pretty entrenched in his views and behaviour. I also struggled with some of the cultural references, it was easier to follow the more literary ones in the first book than the ones in this sequel. Where the first book gave Joe’s quirky and skewed view of the world this felt more a piece about the excesses and superficial nature of the film industry and I’m not sure that New Yorker Joe was the right character to explore it. The pace also left a lot to be desired. Where You flew along this really seemed to drag and my attention wavered but perhaps this was a combination of the factors I’ve already mentioned…

This didn’t deliver the impact of Kepnes’ debut and wasn’t the twisted, stalker Joe that I wanted to read about.



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