NCIS: Los Angeles Extremis – Jerome Preisler

51yibhssyjlTitle – NCIS: Los Angeles Extremis

Author – Jerome Preisler

Published – 2016

Genre – Thriller

Based on the TV series of the same name this is an original thriller written by Jerome Preisler, who has also authored a number of CSI novels.

I’m a big fan of the TV series (and now think of LL Cool J as Sam first rather than a rapper and Chris O’Donnell as G rather than Robin) so was familiar with the setting and characters. The timing of the story is pitched in line with the more recent series, so if you’ve been watching then you will be picking up the relationships between the main characters at a familiar spot. If you’ve never watched before (why? why?) then there’s background enough to fill you in.

NCIS is the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the story starts when a retired Admiral is shot in his own home by a several men who ransack the place and make off with his computer. The team connect this to the disappearance of another elderly man, a former intelligence officer. The connection between the two men is project Deep Dive, a top-secret U.S. Navy project dating back to World War Two.

With the novel the format means that the reader can follow the action and the machinations of the baddies (usually terrorists) as well as the heroics of the NCIS team. The story is, as you would expect, an action-packed race against time. I thought it was a good thriller, the format gave the writer a bit more opportunity to explore a more involved plot. It had all the thrills and spills you would expect of the TV series and by and large the characters felt true to what we already know (although there was an odd bit with Eric and Nell). It’s not a literary thriller but it is based on a decent action TV series.

Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

Score – 4/5

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