Not quite a top 10 …

It hasn’t escaped my notice that many people are writing posts reviewing their year’s reading and compiling a list of their top ten (or so) books. I can’t complain at the books I’ve read in the last year (according to Goodreads there were 42) but there were just two that really stood out for me.

The first was a mix of crime fiction and psychological thriller set on the Falkland Islands in 1994 – Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton. This was a skilfully woven story told very cleverly from multiple points of view and with a set of characters that I found engaging (bucking the trend for characters we love to hate – or just hate).

The second was Life and Death by Michael Robotham. A thriller set in America this went on to win the 2015 Crime Writers’ Association Gold Dagger Award in September. With a visual quality to the writing and great attention to detail this was a compelling read with an unusual premise.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive lists of crime fiction suggestions then you can’t do better than check out Ayo’s list on Shots ( There are definitely a few there that I will try to fit in during 2016.



    1. I still have a dozen reviews I’d like to do before 2016, but this is one thing ticked off my ‘to do’ list!
      Will be interested to see what else is on your list.

  1. I’m nowhere near prepared for my end of year round-up with a handful of reviews still to post! But have swiftly added Little Black Lies to my reading list 🙂 A very Happy Christmas to you xx

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