Coincidence …?

I’m in the midst of writing a review for a book in which I’ve said ‘the premise is an unusual one’ and when I started the review this was true, however it shares a lot in common with my current read. The books were published within weeks of each other and I’m in no way suggesting that there is any connection, copying, collusion or anything in any way underhand – it’s just pure coincidence. And I’ve noticed how frequently this seems to happen. Through a purely random choice of what to read next I’ve often spotted surprising coincidences from the small, such as two books using the same unremarkable US location, to a more fundamental plot device.

Synchronicity, coincidence? Has this happened in your reading? And can you figure out the two books I’m referring to at the beginning of my post (if it helps they were both published in 2013).


  1. I know just what you mean, Sue. In crime fiction, anyway, there aren’t that many credible motives for murder, and there aren’t that many credible methods of murder. So it makes sense that there’d be some resemblance.

    1. Ah, that I can understand but I’ve have had two books in quick succession use the same location in the US that I’ve never heard of before. Perhaps If I hadn’t read them so close together I wouldn’t have remembered the name, and that’s a smaller example.

  2. Totally agree! I seem to be caught in a never ending loop of police protagonists in the grip of grief through the loss of spouse/child etc. Four of these in close succession…

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