Did you #bookadayuk?

When Borough Press launched an intiative on Twitter in June to encourage people to share their love of books on social media it’s hard to believe the phenomenon that they were unleashing. The simple idea was to provide a set of prompts, one for each day of the month, which would elicit tweets from readers using the hashtag #bookadayuk.

According to The Future Book in July the hashtag in June had 68,904 twitter mentions, across 32,553 users, with 474 blogs written. No small feat! It seems that the idea was already set to continue with other publishers but by the end of 2014 it had months curated by Doubleday, Siobhan Dowd Trust, We Love This Book, Books Are My Bag, Headline and lastly Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction.

It was virtually impossible to be on Twitter and not see tweets with the hashtag. But somehow I never got involved. I kept meaning to but never quite got round to it – I think I was concerned that I should give the best answer and that wouldn’t necessarily be my first response. Day 1 month 1 and the question was ‘Favourite book from childhood’ – I’m still thinking! It was fascinating to see the different responses, especially to questions like ‘I pretend to have read it’ – so many guilty people in my timeline. There was also a surprising amount of agreement on some of the topics, and books that cropped up which must go on the TBR list. I still feel guilty that I read the tweets and didn’t contribute – but did you? Did you manage to keep up every day? What did you like about it?

BoroughPressYou may be interested to know that in response to requests for the theme this month (I’m writing this on New Year’s Day) Borough Press are telling people that they will have to wait for February for the next instalment. But a quick search using the hashtag shows that people are using it regardless…

PS – If you want to see all the themes for the 7 months have a look at the images below.


Borough Press – June


Doubleday – July


Siobhan Dowd Trust – August


We Love This Book – September


Books Are My Bag – October


Headline – November


Bailey’s Women’s Prize For Fiction – December


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