Dark and Stormy – crime heads for the south coast

D&SThis year sees a criminally good addition to Brighton Festival’s programme of events – Dark and Stormy. Reflecting the eclectic nature of the other activities taking place in Brighton the programme features book, film, music and theatre events. Things kick off on Friday evening 23 May and the last event is on Sunday evening 25 May – with no worries about work the next day because the good news is it’s a bank holiday weekend.

Brighton is a popular setting for crime fiction so it can only have been a matter of time before there was an event of this size and if you’ve ever been to Brighton Festival you’ll know that the city buzzes even more than normal, making it a really exciting time to visit.

If you’re a fan of crime fiction – whether on the page or the screen – then there is something for you. On the Friday you could see a screening of Layer Cake (with real cake) introduced by  J.J. Connolly (who wrote both the original novel and the screenplay).  On the Saturday why not see Sophie Hannah in conversation with Julia Crouch – talking sexual infidelity, internet cruelty and secrecy? Last but not least, on the Sunday you could enjoy an evening with authors who have used Brighton as a location in their books – including S. J. Watson, Colette McBeth  and Erin Kelly.

Some of the events have already sold out so check out the programme and book your tickets before it’s too late!

Dark and Stormy


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