Precious Thing – Colette McBeth

Title – Precious Thing

Author – Colette McBeth

Published – August 2013

Genre – Crime / psychological fiction

Thank you to Headline for the review copy of this debut novel, which is as much about the friendship between  two women as is it is about crime.

I’ve had good friends on and off but for one reason or another these relationships haven’t endured. Perhaps one of us move away or married or had children, but for whatever reason the friendship has run its course. Judging by my recent reading this might not be a bad thing!

Rachel and Clara have been friends since school, a friendship no one would have predicted but that has lasted through their teens and into their adult years. Rachel was the new girl, taken under the wing of popular Clara. Now it’s Rachel with the successful TV career as a crime reporter and she finds herself in Brighton reporting on her friend’s disappearance.

As events unfold Rachel finds that she may be more involved in the drama than she expects. There are some similarities between Precious Thing and both Dare Me and Silent Wife – focusing on a close relationship between two people and the possible consequences where their perceptions differ.

I was particularly interested to see that McBeth was herself a news reporter which made the inside view of the newsroom more intriguing. It made me wonder how much was based on real characters and how much was fiction. I also liked the Brighton setting – very familiar and somewhere the author was obviously familiar with.

This was an interesting debut but I would have preferred something which created more tension. Nevertheless I will be interested to see what’s next from  McBeth.

Score – 3/5



  1. Sue – Interesting isn’t how some books do straddle that line between having a crime plot and having a focus on other plot elements. I’m glad you enjoyed this well enough to see what else McBeth will write.

  2. I think it’s really hard sometimes to sustain friendships sometimes, especially where one or both people have moved away or their life has changed a lot. I’m looking forward to trying this one, thanks for reviewing it. I haven’t red Dare Me as I wasn’t keen on that author’s first book which I read. I still hope to read the Silent Wife soon.

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