The Silent Wife – A.S.A. Harrison

61GZ1+Rid4LTitle – The Silent Wife

Author – A.S.A. Harrison

Published – June 2013

Genre – Crime / psychological fiction

This is a difficult review to write. Not only do I seem to have a difference of opinion to that of most other people (and not for the first time) but with her first book due for publication in June, the author sadly died in April. So I will try to tread carefully!

The story is more about the disintegration of a relationship than it is crime fiction or a psychological thriller. Featuring a couple who have been together for twenty years it is also about how two people in a relationship have different perceptions, and how they deal with the other’s ‘failings’. Todd and Jodie seem to have everything – plenty of money, a beautiful home, a lifestyle that most of us can only dream of.  The “crime” aspect is how one person will behave when they are faced with the truth about the relationship and feel that they have nothing to lose.

So why didn’t I enjoy the book? Well whilst I can’t argue that the writing is excellent, I just hated everyone in the book. I hated the wife – so complacent and viewing her life through rose-tinted spectacles. I hated the husband – such a weak person and so easily manipulated, I even hated the person who causes the break-up of the marriage. (I did like the dog though.) All of which means that I spent most of my time being irritated by whichever character was featuring – they just needed a good shake. If they had all gone down together in a hail of bullets at the end I couldn’t have been happier!

Thank you to Headline for my review copy of this book. You can see a different point of view on Reader Dad’s blog. I can understand why others loved it – but it wasn’t for me.

Score – 3/5



  1. Sue – Oh, thank you for your candid and thoughtful review. I have to admit I find it very difficult to enjoy a novel if there isn’t any character in it whom I can like, or at least appreciate. The premise sounds good, but perhaps I’ll want on this one. But not because of your fine review…

  2. Thanks for the honest review of this one. I can appreciate the difficulties of reviewing a book that others have had a favourable reaction to, but we can’t all think alike can we? That would just be dull. I may or may not read this one at some point.

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