Revenge of the Tide – Elizabeth Haynes

Title – Human Remains

Author – Elizabeth Haynes

Published – 2012

Genre – Crime / Psychological thriller

I bought this book after reading Elizabeth Haynes’ excellent debut Into the Darkest Corner and then managed to read Human Remains (her third book) before starting on ‘Revenge’ but as they are all standalone titles it made little difference.

Told in the first person the book is from the point of view of Genevieve, an independent young woman who appears to be escaping something. She’s living on a houseboat (the “Revenge of the Tide”) which she is renovating in a small community on the Kent coast. As with Into the Darkest Corner the story has multiple timelines, providing Genevieve’s backstory in parallel with the current happenings.

Genevieve is described in the blurb as “sales executive by day, pole dancer by night” but this perhaps makes things sound more sordid than they actually are. There are more descriptions of evenings working in a nightclub and the dance routines (which I found hard to picture – I obviously don’t know enough about pole dancing!) than any shenanigans. She tries to keep her distance from anything too unsavoury but this doesn’t mean that her morals aren’t put to the test and she discovers what she is prepared to do for money.

Although the book has a dramatic opening there is not quite the same tension that there is with the other titles, instead it grows throughout the book as you wonder just what it is that Genevieve is escaping, and what prompted her exit from her two jobs. As with Into the Darkest Corner you become unsure which characters can be trusted and the tension mounts as you start to doubt the motives of those that surround her. For the most part I liked Genevieve but perhaps her morals were a little too lax for my liking or maybe, in the end, I found her just too fickle.

A good read but Into The Darkest Corner remains my favourite by Haynes. You can see some other thoughts at Eurocrime and The Little Reader Library.

Score – 4/5



  1. Genevieve drove me bananas so I wasn’t a huge fan of this book. I too picked it up because I’ve heard good things about Into the Darkest Corner.

  2. I found Darkest Corner gripping and really upsetting,so will give this one ago, though my heart sank when I read “sales exec by day, pole dancer by night”…hard to take seriously!!

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