Torn – Casey Hill

Title – Torn

Author – Casey Hill

Published – 2012

Genre – Crime fiction

This is the follow-up to Taboo by husband & wife writing team “Casey Hill”  and the second in the series featuring forensic investigator Reilly Steel. I have to confess that I wasn’t a big fan of Taboo, so was curious to see if the second book would be more enjoyable.

The story opens with the gruesome discovery of the body of a journalist in a septic tank. This is just the first in a series of unpleasant murders that Reilly must try to connect. The murders are particularly gory, but as with the first book there is a lack of tension. There’s a mix of forensic investigation by Steel’s team, although without a great deal of detail, as well as more conventional detective work.

Although the personal stories of the characters carry on from the first book, I don’t think that you would be at a disadvantage if you picked this title to read first. There’s enough explanation of what has gone before and if you were to go back to the first book later I don’t think this gives anything away.

I think the setting of Dublin may be wasted. I don’t know the city but I have a feeling that more could be made of it in the story – I don’t think I know any more about it now than I did before reading the book.

Thank you to @Dark_Pages for a review copy of this book.

Score – 3/5


  1. Thanks for the candid and thoughtful review. I think I might wait on this ’till the next time I’m ready for gruesome murders. Had a few more of them than I care for lately if you know what I mean…

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