Immortal – Dean Crawford

Title – Immortal

Author – Dean Crawford

Published – May 2012

Genre –  Adventure / Thriller

Immortal is the follow-up to Covenant and is the second in the Ethan Warner series.

The story is set six months after the end of Covenant, and Warner and Lopez are working in partnership as bail bondsmen in Chicago. When a Santa Fe county coroner disappears, along with the mysteriously ageing corpse she was examining the Defense Intelligence Agency calls in Warner to find her.

Warner and Lopez begin by investigating the shooting that had produced the corpse, questioning a witness to the shooting, Tyler Willis, a research scientist and expert in ageing. Interrupted by an explosion at the laboratory where they’re interviewing Willis, Warner is distracted as he tries to help defuse the attack and during the confusion Willis also disappears.

We have a dastardly plot, a clandestine organisation, a deadly virus and the powerful owner of a global pharmaceutical company. So begins a complex story dealing with issues of ageing, mortality and eugenics.

These topics are pretty challenging ones to explore in a fast-paced action thriller, and must lead to comparisons with writers like Michael Crichton. It’s a while since I read something by Crichton and I can’t remember now whether I thought he had too much detail in the background info – but it’s certainly true for me with this book. Crawford has obviously done his research and no doubt has a vivid imagination – but there’s just too much for me.

The good news is that although still quite a long book, it is shorter than Covenant, there  is a more manageable cast of characters, and I found Warner’s own character to be more consistent. There were some threads from the previous book which got a passing mention, but they didn’t come to the fore as much as I thought they might. Crawford also takes the opportunity to develop the relationship between Lopez and Warner a bit more – which I assume means that there will be further books in the series.



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