Heat Wave – Richard Castle

51mb5E-dLQLTitle – Heat Wave

Author – Richard Castle

Published – 2010

Genre – Crime fiction

Another short(er) review – this time for a book that was a Christmas gift. I was a little late to discover the TV series “Castle” but have now managed to watch all three series & am eagerly looking forward to the fourth series starting this evening.

In the TV show Richard Castle is a crime writer shadowing NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, who he uses as the inspiration for his fictional character Nikki Heat. The TV show is one of the better examples of US TV crime – often well-plotted, intelligently written, and funny.

The book really “does what it says on the tin”. To all intents and purposes this is the book Castle wrote using Beckett as his “inspiration”. Told from Heat’s point of view it reads just as you might imagine Castle would write a female character, especially when there is a journalist called Rook shadowing her, who bears a strong resemblance to Castle’s own character.

There is a good mystery at the heart of the story, but the relationship between the two main characters provides as much interest, especially for fans of the TV show. In fact it reads like a longer episode of the show – no bad thing.

There is nothing about this book that gives any indication that Richard Castle isn’t a genuine author, and from the similarity to the style of the TV series I assume that it was written by someone involved in the scripts for the show.

It’s tempting to give this 5 stars – I enjoyed it so much, but I will settle on 4 & hope that leaves my crime fiction blogging credentials intact.

Score – 4/5


  1. Has any other TV show done this? Released a novel under the main character’s name? I keep meaning to pick up this book and I really must (or maybe I should put it on my wishlist for my birthday in June!).

    1. It’s the only one I’ve come across – there’s nothing anywhere on the book to suggest anyone other than Castle wrote it. I couldn’t fault it for delivering just what a fan would expect.

  2. I’m hooked on Castle and trying to get the rest of the Waterstones staff hooked too. ‘Heat Wave’ is sitting on my bedside table, calling to me. Just a few more pages of ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ to read first…

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