Book breakdown

You may think from the title that I’ve made the move from printed books to e-books, but that’s not the case. For me I still need to hold a book, turn the pages, tuck in a bookmark and put it on a shelf when I’ve finished. So how can I have a book that’s broken? I was reading a Christmas gift, a paperback of Quentin Jardine’s “Skinner’s Round”, and discovered that page 184 was followed by page 217. Aaargh! After my initial panic I’ve checked carefully & page 185 doesn’t crop up later – but I do have the pages 217 – 248 twice. Unfortunately the book was on my wish list because it’s near the beginning of the Bob Skinner series, so it’s hard to get in high street bookshops. I will try the shops tomorrow, but I don’t hold out much hope.
I don’t suppose anyone has a spare set of pages I could borrow – I promise I’ll be quick!


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